Your SD-WAN Is Routing Data Around An Impaired Circuit…Now What?

So, your SD-WAN is doing its job well, your traffic is being routed using the best path available. You have an impaired circuit and you are avoiding using it with the intelligent routing that SD-WAN provides. While that sounds great, we need to note that SD-WAN does not actually repair the circuit. Until that is done, you will continue to route around it, but also continue to pay for it. Some SD-WAN providers may offer to “manage” your circuits for you, at an increased price if you purchase the circuit through them, or an even greater price if you purchased the circuit via other means. But don’t these providers have an interest in reporting that all is well with their product and experience being provided to you? 

The simple Best Practice is to partner with a truly provider agnostic monitoring organization that monitors your network 24x7 (including Broadband connectivity with Dynamic IPs), who is proactively alerted to the leading indicators of trouble (which cause your SD-WAN to change routing decisions), and who contacts and works with your providers on your behalf to report AND work the trouble all the way to resolution. You should have an unbiased partner working with your providers to supplement the features that SD-WAN provides and who works to be sure you are getting the maximum use of every circuit deployed in your network. CS Vizion is the Best Practice  

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