Call Announce

Vonage Business Dashboard

Call Announce is a call screening feature that whispers an audible version of a custom tag prior to the call being connected. This helps prepare you for answering the call.  Call Announce can be configured on an extension, call group, or call queue and works in conjunction with Custom Tagging.

Set Up Call Announce

  1. Log in to the online user interface (

  2. NOTE: End Users may enable or disable Call Announce, but only the Super User or Administrators may configure the Custom Tag feature.

  3. Click the Phone System icon at the top of the page. Then click the extension, call group, or call queue you would like to configure.

  1. Under the Call Screening section, check the box next to Enable Call Announce.


  1. A yellow box appears confirming the Custom Tag you will hear.

  • Vonage automatically converts existing Custom Tags to text-to-speech audio files. Alternately, a custom audio file may be recorded.