Users can flip calls between their 8x8 Virtual Office desk phone, 8x8 Virtual Office Mobile app, or 8x8 Virtual Office Desktop app. Here’s how:

Dial *88

  1. While on a live call on any 8x8 desk phone or 8x8 Virtual Office mobile or desktop application, ensure the device/application you want to move to is open or activated.

  2. From the keypad of the device/application you want to move to, dial * 88, then tap or click Call (or the call icon).

  3. The call becomes active on the new connected device/application.

Call Park (For Polycom desk phones or 8x8 Virtual Office Desktop application)

  1. Inform the other party with whom you are speaking that they will be placed on brief hold.

  2. On your Polycom desk phone or 8x8 Virtual Office desktop application, press the Park key. (The call is placed on hold at the Call Park extension.)

  3. Note the extension number for where the call is parked.

  4. From any other 8x8 application, device or extension, dial the Call Park extension to retrieve the call.

The next time you are immobilized with a call that you must take, flip it. Save yourself time while giving your customers and colleagues the experience that they deserve.

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