To quickly view your individual call lists

On the set of directional buttons on your phone, press:

  • The right arrow for Placed Calls.

  • The down arrow for Received Calls.

  • The up arrow for the Speed Dial list.


To quickly view only Received Calls

  • Press the Callers sift key (bottom middle of the phone display).


The "Callers" Display Screen

The initial view shows the list title and the first two calls in the list. The first call scrolls in reverse to indicate that it is currently selected. A symbol to indicate whether the call was answered (handset) or missed (telephone) is shown for each entry in the incoming list.

To manage the listed calls

  • Return the call: Press the Dial hard button.

  • View call information details: Press the Info soft key.

  • Store the contact in the phone directory:

    1. Press the checkmark key.

    2. Press the Save soft key.

  • Delete the call from the list: Press the Delete soft key.

  • Return to the previous menu: Press the left arrow key.