Instant Call Forwarding

In a hurry? Take an instant shortcut to forward all your calls somewhere else. Just go to the Forward All Calls drop-down option at the top of your Virtual Office Online screen and choose where to send them. Done!

Advanced Call Forwarding: My Rules. My Way

8x8 gives you the flexibility and power to define your own call forwarding rules. Do it your way. Create as many rules as you want.


Simultaneous or Sequential

With 8x8 you can forward your calls to as many numbers as you like. You can choose to have those numbers ring at the same time (simultaneous ring), or they can ring in a specific order until your call finds you (sequential ring). If you don’t pick up after all the numbers have rung, the call can go to voicemail.



If you are concerned about someone else picking up your calls, you can also password-protect your destinations. You can even turn on call screening so that your callers need to identify themselves before their call is put through to you.

Default Rules

Plus you can easily create to traditional call forwarding rules for basic situations like:

  • If I don’t answer, forward my calls to…

  • If my phone is busy, forward my calls to…

  • If my Internet connection is down, send calls to…