How do I change my own details in the company directory?

If you get a new title in your company or move to a different department, you would want to change your details that show up in the Virtual Office company directory. However, you cannot change the name or details of yourself or another Virtual Office user. Only the phone system administrator can change company contact details; if you need to update your contact details, please contact your phone system administrator.

However, you can still change your profile image, presence status, and custom status message through your profile screen.

I can't see my device contacts in the app. How do I make them visible?

To see your device contacts under My Contacts, you must allow the Virtual Office mobile app to access your list of device contacts.

To display device contacts in the app:

  1. Go to More > Settings > Device Settings.

The application information opens in your device settings.

  1. In your device settings, change the application permissions to allow access to your device contacts. Your device contacts appear under Contacts > My Contacts.

How do I change the way contacts are sorted?

At this time, you are unable to change contact sort order in the Virtual Office mobile app. Your contacts under the Company and My Contacts lists in Virtual Office are sorted by first name.

How do I create personal contacts?

If you frequently call numbers outside of your company directory, you can use those numbers to create easily-accessible personal contacts. Personal contacts are visible only to you, and can be edited as needed.

To create personal contacts:

  1. Tap Contacts.

  2. Tap the New Contact icon to start creating a new contact.

  3. Enter the contact details.

  4. When you are finished, tap the check mark icon.

The personal contact now shows up under Contacts > My Contacts.

Where are my personal contacts stored?

When you create a personal contact in the Virtual Office mobile app, it is stored in the 8x8 cloud, but remains visible only to you under My Contacts. Personal contacts created in Virtual Office do not show up in the contact directory of your device.

How do I add a contact to the company directory?

You can only create new personal contacts in Virtual Office. To add new contacts to the company directory, please contact your phone system administrator.

How do I access the contact directory, and how is it organized?

To access your contact directory, tap Contacts and access specific types of contacts under sub-tabs:




Company and personal contacts marked as favorites from the app.


n Contacts from your company phone system.

n Third-party contacts affiliated with your company, located in an external contact directory (such as Microsoft Exchange), that have been made visible in Virtual Office by your phone system administrator.

My Contacts

n Personal contacts created in the app.

n Contacts populated from your mobile device (if you have granted the app permissions to access device contacts).

How do I search for a contact in my directory?

Tap the Search icon in the header. This brings up a search box that you can type in to find specific contacts. You can search for contacts by name, title, department, location, or phone or extension number.

How do I mark my frequently-used contacts for quick access?

If there are contacts you communicate with more frequently, you can add them to your list of favorite contacts for quick access. You can go into a company or personal contact’s details to mark them as a favorite contact, and then access them from your list of Favorites.

If you have granted the app permissions to access device contacts, the personal favorites marked on your device show up along with your company favorites marked in the app.

To mark and access a favorite contact:

  1. Tap Contacts.

  2. Go to Company or My Contacts.

  1. Tap the desired contact to view their details.

  1. While in the contact details, tap the Mark Favorite Contact icon to mark them as a favorite contact. The contact is now listed under Contacts > Favorites.

To remove a contact from favorites:

  1. Go to Contacts > Favorites.

  2. Tap the Information icon next to the desired contact to view their details.

  3. While in the contact details, tap the Favorite Contact icon to remove them from your favorites. The contact is no longer listed under your favorites.