Add a StarPhone for Desktop Extension in the Star2Star Portal

StarPhone™ for Desktop, requires a unique phone number extension within the Star2Star system.

  1. Use a web browser to log in to the Star2Star portal ( Select the

Configuration tab.

  1. Within the View/Edit field of the Dealer Menu page > VIEW/EDIT View/edit an existing location section, search for the Location the user is a member of. Enter at least 3 characters for a list of location names to display.

  2. From the PHONE SYSTEM CONFIGURATION page, select the Extensions link.

  1. In the Add an Extension section > User field, select >>Add a new user from the drop-down list. When the screen refreshes, fill in all appropriate information for the extension.

The Add an Extension section refreshes with additional fields.

  1. Enter an extension number in the Extension field. Note: Within the Existing Extensions section, scroll to the bottom of the list to view the naming standard for the Starphone for Desktop extensions. The existing/used extensions are listed in numerical order. Use the next available number for the new/added extension.

  1. Select the Phone drop-down arrow and select Starphone for DesktopNote: To locate the item easier, type “StarPhone” in the search line of the filter.

  1. When the user’s extension information is filled in, select the Add Extension button to save the information or select the Return button to cancel the step and return to the PHONE SYSTEM CONFIGURATION page.