How do I park a call?

Let’s say you want to temporarily put a call on hold and continue it from any phone or device on your company phone system.

You may be moving the call from a conference room phone to your desktop or vice versa, or directing the call to a third party in your phone system who is temporarily busy. 8x8 allows you to easily navigate these issues and more, and offers the ability to park a phone call on a dedicated call park extension for later retrieval.

To park a call:

  1. While on a call, tap More.

  2. From the options that pop up, select Park.

  3. Confirm the prompt to disconnect the call and park it for later retrieval.

You are disconnected from the call, and you hear an announcement stating the extension number the call has been parked on.

  1. To retrieve the call:

- By yourself: Simply dial the announced call park extension on the new phone or device.

- By a third party: Notify the third party of the parked call waiting for them on the announced call park extension.