How do I add a second person to an active call, or create a three-way conference call?

8x8 Virtual Office enables you to handle two calls at once, whether separately or in a three-way conference.

To add a second person to an active call:

  1. While on a call, tap Add Call to bring up the contact directory.

  2. Select from your recent, company, or personal contacts to add to the call. 

Tap the Dialpad icon, and dial the desired number.

  1. The original caller is put on hold and hears hold music, while the second person is placed in an active call with you.

  2. To switch between your active and held calls, tap Swap.

The call labeled as Active becomes active, and the call labeled as Hold hears hold music.

To create a three-way conference call:

  1. While handling two separate calls, tap Merge to create a three-way conference call.

  2. When you hang up, you can choose to:

- Let the conference continue without you as a two-way call.

- End the conference for all participants.