You can set up Virtual Office to forward your incoming calls according to your preferences. If you're particularly busy, you can choose to temporarily forward all calls, or you can have calls forwarded when you are busy on another call, when you fail to answer in 15 seconds, or when you have no connection.

To forward incoming calls:

  1. Go to More > Settings > Account Settings > Call Forwarding.

  2. Select from the following situations in which to forward calls:

When to forward calls


Always forward calls

Always forward calls, even if you are available to answer. If you enable this option, all other options are disabled.

I'm busy

Forward calls when your presence status is set to Do not disturb.

I don't answer for 15 seconds

Forward calls when you don't answer in time.

I have no connection

Forward calls when you have no access to cellular or Wi-Fi data.

  1. For situations in which you want to forward calls, select where incoming calls should be forwarded to:

Where to forward calls



Forward calls to your voicemail box.


Forward calls to your desired cellular number.


Forward calls to your desired external number.

Auto Attendant

Forward calls to the Auto Attendant configured by your phone system administrator.

One Number Access

Forward calls to the One Number Access number configured by your phone system administrator.

Your call forwarding settings are configured.