You can schedule meetings with your existing calendar app.

To schedule a meeting with a calendar app
  1. From the Amazon Chime app, choose MeetingsSchedule a Meeting.

  2. For Calendar app, choose Other.

  3. Choose your meeting settings and choose Copy.

  4. Go to your calendar app and open the meeting to update.

  5. Paste the attendee details into the calendar invite.

  6. If you are using your Personal Meeting ID, you only need to add as an attendee to your meeting.

If you are using a One-time Meeting ID, add and the pin+ email address as attendees to your meeting.

  1. Choose Send to send the invitation.

To update a meeting, update in your calendar app as you normally would, but make sure to send the invite to all attendees. This ensures that the invite is updated in Amazon Chime as well.