You can schedule Amazon Chime meetings one of two ways using the Outlook for Windows Add-in: either from the Amazon Chime app, or from Outlook itself. You can also add Amazon Chime to an existing meeting on your Outlook calendar.

To schedule a meeting using Outlook from the Amazon Chime app
  1. Open the Amazon Chime app, and choose MeetingsSchedule Meeting.

  2. For Schedule Meeting, choose Outlook Calendar.

  3. For Meeting Settings, enter your information, including dial-in numbers, which will be added to the meeting instructions.

  4. Choose one of the following options:

    • Personal Meeting ID—This is a personal meeting ID that is assigned to you. It's a convenient way to schedule meetings, because you don't have to remember new meeting details for each new meeting.

    • One-Time Meeting ID—This is a 10-digit pin that Amazon Chime generates that you can use for single or recurring meetings. This is ideal for back-to-back, overlapping, or confidential meetings.

  5. Review the Schedule Meetings Instructions field, which is automatically populated.

  6. Choose Schedule with Outlook.


If you haven't installed the Outlook add-in, you receive a prompt to install it. Follow the instructions in the prompt. When asked to sign in to Amazon Chime, use the same

credentials that you used to sign in to your other Amazon Chime clients. Confirm that the add-in was installed by seeing the Amazon Chime Outlook Add-In at the top of Outlook.

  1. An Outlook invite appears, which includes meeting instructions. is included, which enables Auto-call and automatically starts the meeting for registered attendees at the scheduled start time.

  1. Enter the date, time, additional attendees, and recurrence (if any).

  2. Send the invite.

To schedule a meeting from Outlook
  1. Include international phone numbers by choosing Schedule Amazon Chime Meeting on the Outlook Calendar ribbon, International Dial-ins.

  1. Open a meeting date and time, or choose AppointmentNew Meeting, and Schedule Amazon Chime Meeting.

  2. Select the Meeting ID type.

  3. The invite is automatically populated with, instructions, meeting link, dial-in info, and meeting ID.

  4. Edit the meeting instructions if necessary, and choose Send.

To add Amazon Chime to an existing meeting on your Outlook Calendar
  1. Open an existing meeting from your Outlook calendar.

  2. Choose Schedule Amazon Chime Meeting and select the type of Meeting ID.

Edit the auto-populated instructions as necessary, and choose SaveSend the update to all.