The host, or meeting organizer, can perform additional actions during a meeting. The control are available above the Chat window or in the More menu.

The host can perform the following muting actions from the audio icon or the More menu:

  • Mute All Others - Mutes meeting attendees. Use this if you want to eliminate an echo or external noise. Attendees are able to unmute themselves to resume audio.

  • Disable Attendee Unmute - Meeting attendees are not able to unmute themselves.

  • Enable Attendee Unmute - Returns unmute control to meeting attendees.

The host can perform the following recording actions:

  • Start and stop recording the meeting by choosing the record icon, or by choosing the More menu,

Stop Recording.


Meeting attendees receive an update that the meeting is no longer being recorded. Recording automatically stops when the meeting ends.

  • Confirm that the meeting is being recorded by seeing the record icon next to the Meeting ID.


Meeting attendees are notified audibly and visually that their meeting is being recorded when they join.

  • Receive a file of the recording in an Amazon Chime chat message. Amazon Chime sends .mp3 files of audio-only recordings,and .mp4 files of screen share meetings.


Videos are not included in the recording.

The host can perform the following actions in event mode, which enables the organizer to quickly mute attendees and control other interactions:

  • Turn on event mode by choosing Event Mode after the meeting has started. This sets the following controls:

    • Attendees are muted and anyone who joins is muted immediately.

    • Attendees who are not presenters cannot mute other attendees, choose to share their screen, or turn on their webcam.

    • Roster notifications for attendees who join, leave, or change status are disabled.

    • Attendees who try to perform a restricted task receive a message that the action has been disabled by the host.

  • Promote an attendee to a presenter by following these steps:

  1. Choose MoreAdd Presenters.

  2. Check the boxes next to the attendees and choose Add.

  3. Attendees who are given permission to present are notified and identified by the Event Mode icon in the roster.

  • Disable an attendee's ability to present by choosing a name on the roster and Remove from Presenters.

  • Turn Event Mode off by choosing the event mode icon and Disable Event Mode. This enables attendees to mute, unmute, share their screen, and enable video.

Lastly, the host can prevent unauthenticated users from joining the meeting by locking the meeting. Attendees with no Amazon Chime account that try to join the meeting with the 10-digit dial-in, web screen viewer, or the Amazon Chime add-in receive a message that the meeting is locked.