If you have a pro license, you can give other users delegate status to enable them to schedule meetings on your behalf and attend meetings with full organizer privileges.

Assign Delegates

Assign delegates from the desktop client.

To assign delegates
  1. From the Amazon Chime menu, choose Amazon ChimePreferencesMeetings.

  1. Choose Add Delegate and enter the name of the contact to add as a delegate.

Remove Delegates

Remove delegates from the same location in the client.

To remove delegates
  1. From the Amazon Chime menu, choose Amazon ChimePreferencesMeetings.

  2. Choose an existing delegate from the list, and choose Remove.

Schedule Meetings as a Delegate with a Calendar App

If you are a delegate who schedules meetings on behalf of others and you are not using the Outlook add-in, follow these steps.

To schedule a meeting as a delegate with a calendar app
  1. When you are first assigned as a delegate, ask the user you are scheduling meetings for to follow these steps:

    1. From the Amazon Chime app, choose MeetingsSchedule a Meeting.

    2. Under Meeting Settings, choose Personal Meeting ID.

    3. Under Steps to Schedule a Meeting, choose Copy and send the text to you.

  2. Use the Meeting ID provided in the instructions to create an email address with the following     format: pin+{meeting_ID}@chime.aws. Save this address and the full meeting instructions on your computer.

  3. To schedule an Amazon Chime meeting as a delegate, schedule the meeting in your calendar app as you normally would. Be sure to include in your invite the user you are scheduling the meetings for, meet@chime.aws, and the pin+ email address you created in step 2. Optionally, you can also include the full meeting instructions in your invite.

Schedule Meetings as a Delegate using the Outlook Add-In

When scheduling meetings with the Outlook add-in, you receive a prompt to select who you are scheduling the meeting for. For more information, see Schedule Meetings with the Outlook Add- In (p. 14).