To collaborate in a less direct way on projects, invite others during escalations, or discussions topics or teams on an ongoing basis, you can create a chat room.

To create a chat room
  1. Choose RoomsNew Room.

  2. Enter a name for the room and choose Create.

  3. Add members from your contact list.

  4. Invitees receive an Amazon Chime notification and the chat room automatically opens on their desktop app. (Mobile users receive push notifications.)

  5. Members are listed on the right side of the chat room.

  6. To start an instant meeting, choose the phone receiver icon and choose a single member, multiple members, or the entire room.

  7. To close the chat room but remain a member, choose the red X next to the name of the room.

  8. To leave the chat room (you must be re-invited to return), choose SettingsLeave the chat room.