There are several ways you can join an Amazon Chime meeting based on the way your environment is set up and the features that you want to use. To determine the best way to join, review the following criteria to see which items apply to you.

  • Audio configurations

NotE: To avoid echo, choose one audio source for each room
  • If you have audio delivered over voice over IP (or VoIP), you can use any of the Amazon Chime clients, both mobile and desktop. Make sure that your device is connected to a stable network.

  • If you are attending a meeting from a large conference room that has built-in microphones and speakers, or if you prefer to use a telephone, choose to dial in to your meeting. Amazon Chime Pro includes international access numbers and toll-free numbers. The link to find the access numbers is in the Amazon Chime client under MeetingsSchedule a Meeting.

  • If you are joining a meeting from a room that has a built-in video conference system that is compatible with Amazon Chime, you can choose to use the audio from that device.

  • Screen share features

  • Video features

  • If you want to use the video features, you can use the Amazon Chime client running on a Windows, Mac, or iOS device, or via an in-room video system.

  • If you want to share your screen with meeting attendees, you can use either an Amazon Chime client that is running on a supported Windows or Mac device, or a supported in-room video system. Make sure that your device is connected to a stable network.

  • If you want to view someone’s screen share, you can use any of the Amazon Chime clients (mobile or desktop), or a supported browser by using the web screen viewer. The web screen viewer is ideal for attendees who need to view a screen share but can't install add-ins or other software on their computers.