If a meeting has been set up for Auto-call, you can join the meeting by using the Amazon Chime client.

To join an Auto-call meeting using the Amazon Chime client
  1. Log in to the Amazon Chime client app on your Windows or Mac device.

  2. When the meeting starts, you receive a notification in a dialog box.

  3. In the Meeting dialog box, choose Join.

  4. In the Choose Meeting Audio dialog box, choose one of the following options:

    • If you are the only audio source in the room, choose Use Mic & Speakers.

    • If you are dialing in, using an in-room video system, or if there is another user in the room using their audio, choose Disable Mic & Speakers.

    • If you want to get the phone number and meeting ID to access the meeting, choose Dial-in.

  5. The meeting windows opens, and you see a list of meetings that have started or will start in 30 minutes, with names and scheduled start times.


If you don't see this window, choose HomeJoin Meeting.