To forward calls from your phone use the powerful Star2Star Find-Me / Follow-Me feature which can be implemented via any web browser. This feature can be setup in 3 ways:

"Enabling Find-Me / Follow-Me allows calls to reach you, no matter where you are!"

  • Selecting "Follow Me (Immediate)" will forward any calls to your extension to the number that you define below.

  • Selecting "Find Me (Sequential)" rings your phones in order. It will try your extension for the length of that you choose (the default is 20 seconds, or about three rings), then will try the Find Me numbers you have defined below.

  • Selecting "Find Me (All)" will ring all of the numbers you define below at the same time for the length of time that you choose (the default is 20 seconds, or about three rings).

Note: If any Find-Me / Follow-Me number answers the call (voice mail on a cell phone, an answering machine, etc) before the time has expired, the call will not reach your Star2Star voicemail service.

Setting up the Find-Me / Follow-Me Feature

  • Access the Star2Star web portal  clickhere_4.png Individual Phone Settings section.See example below left. Click the Find-Me / Follow-Me option.

  • Check the option "Enable Find-Me / Follow-Me shown below / right.


  •  Select the Find-Me / Follow-Me option you require from the available list as detailed above. See example below.

  •  Click the life raft icon Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 1.50.51 PM_0.png to provide a help popup. Example show below / right.


Remember to click Save Changes and Save Changes to System