The system allows users to create a "Personal Operator". Pressing “0” when listening to a users outgoing mail box message will by default take the caller to the “System Default Operator”. This action is determined by your System Administrator. However, if you wish to setup a “Personal Operator”specific to your voice mail box, access the Star2Star Web Portal clickhere_0.png and the Individual Phone Settings for your phone. Select the Voicemail option. Select the “Personal Operator” option (see example below), which by default is set to “Use Location’s Default Operator”, and pick any defined destination, extension user or extension user voicemail box that you require. When you have made your selection, click Save Changes followed by Save Changes to System. Now when a caller presses “0” when listening to your outgoing voice mail box message they will be connected to your “Personal Operator”selection and not the “System Default Operator”. You may also disable the option to press “0” when listening to a users outgoing mail box message. Simply select “None” when clicking the “Personal Operator” dropdown. Remember to click Save Changes followed by Save Changes to SystemNote:Your System Administrator can set up a personal Auto Attendant using this feature which could provide callers with a variety of options to reach you. (Note) Remember to change your voice mail box unavailable message to include the option for callers to press “0” when listening to your voicemail.

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