In the past we have used a PDF developed many years ago with the bare minimum of ports that needed to be open for the StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN to work. As we increasingly use more ports, we should have a clear understanding on what needs to be open in order for the entire Star2Star system to function correctly.

Core Voice Services

Name Source Source Port Destination Port BiDirectional? Destination
SIP Starbox UDP 5060 UDP 5060 Yes Internet
RTP Starbox UDP 10000-20000       UDP 10000-20000         Yes Internet
FreeSWITCH ESL    Orion Server Ephemeral TCP 8021 Yes Starbox
SSH Internet Ephemeral TCP 22 Yes Starbox
Future SSH Internet Ephemeral TCP 2222 Yes Starbox
NTP IP Phones   TCP 123 No Internet
HTTPS Internet Ephemeral TCP 443 Yes Starbox

Star2Star Application FrameWork

Name Source Source Port Destination Port BiDirectional? Destination
HTTPS Workstations         Ephemeral           TCP 443 No Internet
HTTP Workstations Ephemeral TCP 80 No Internet
Asterisk Manager Interface    Workstations   TCP 5038 Yes Internet
FreeSWITCH ESL Workstations   TCP 8021 Yes Internet
XMPP Workstations   TCP 5280-5281 Yes Internet
StarFax Personal Workstations   TCP 9080 Yes Internet
Application Framework Video     Workstations Ephemeral TCP 1935 No Internet

Star2Star Application Framework uses many connections. More specifically:

  • Initial page loading: Non Secure (HTTP)
  • API Communication (Data/Commands - like fax, chat setup, video setup, etc): Secure (HTTPS)
  • Orion Connection (Real-Time Notifications): Non Secure (XMPP)
  • Video Conferencing Pages Load: Non Secure (HTTP)
  • Video Conferencing Session: Non Secure (Video and Audio)
  • Video Conferencing Command Channel: Secure (HTTPS)
  • Soft Phone Command Channel: Secure (WSS)
  • Soft Phone Voice: Non Secure (RTP)


Name Source Source Port Destination Port BiDirectional? Destination
Asterisk Manager Interface ACD Server   TCP 5038 Yes Starbox
FreeSWITCH ESL Orion Server   TCP 8021 Yes Starbox
MicroBrowser IP Phones   TCP 8181 No Internet
MultiQueue Monitor Workstations   TCP 8182 & 8183 No Internet