1. Go into the destinations menu from the portal configuration. Create a new destination of dial external number where you will enter the mobile phone number for that user.

FM 1_0.jpg

2. A ring time of 18 seconds is recommended, then the failover step would be the users Star2Star extension voicemail. A ring cycle is about 6 seconds long, so 18 seconds would be 3 rings. Make sure to set the ring time shorter than when the users mobile phone voicemail picks up so it does not answer the call, otherwise the call will not go back to the Star2Star voicemail.

FM 2_0.jpg

3. Now exit and go to incoming call routing from the main configuration menu. Look for the additional DID number allocated to that individual user. This is where we will setup the schedule and route calls accordingly. You can use the default business hours or create a new custom schedule for this user. Set the open hours to route to the new dial external number you created above. Closed hours should route to the users voice mail.

FM 3_0.jpg

4. Again exit the incoming call routing and go to the individual phones settings for the users phone you are configuring. Click on the Find Me/Follow Me link and click the checkbox to enable FM/FM. Once it is enabled select the find me sequential radio button. Below the numbers heading set the first number to the DID number configured above in incoming call routing. Also be sure to check the number of seconds to call that number and make sure it matches what you have setup for the dial external number timer.

FM 4_0.jpg

5. Click save changes and then do a Save Changes to System. Please allow for up to 15 minutes before testing to make sure the change was populated throughout the network.